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July 18, 2017

Normally, this is where I would be posting about how the Hearts & Harleys for Bubbas & Moo-Moo Poker Run is now 10 days away...but I decided instead to share something with you. My goddaughter, Brooke Lovas, had asked to design this years t-shirt for the Run. Brooke and her sister, Jenna, were close with Gavin, and were devastated at his passing, just as a lot of Gavin's other friends were. Brooke worked with her school's Art Teacher, and was able to come up with this year's design. She also asked to share this with you:

“My Godbrother, Gavin, loved Captain America, the color red and his nickname was “Bubbas”. His mother, Michelle, passed away with him on the morning of both my Dad and little sister, Jenna’s, birthday. Michelle’s favorite color was purple and she was Gavin’s “Moo-Moo”. So, I wanted to include their favorite things when I made this design. I made something I thought they both would love to show my love for them in Heaven. With the help of my wonderful Art Teacher, Ms. Thomas, we accomplished a beautiful masterpiece which illustrates our love for them. I really miss them both very much!! - Love, Brooke Lovas XOXOXO”

Hearts & Harleys was started in Gavin & Michelle's memory, a way for their FAMILY to remember them, to celebrate their lives, and to help others. Family isn't always decided by blood; it's decided by love, by caring, and by coming together, in both the good times and the bad. The Poker Run every year is that chance for Gavin & Michelle's family to come together - and if you're reading this, you are part of that family - to try to raise funds to do something good out of something that has hurt us all, and taken a piece of us. I hope you're able to join us on the 29th, either by participating in the Poker Run, or for the celebration at the end.

John Pabst, CEO/President, Hearts & Harleys, and proud father of Gavin Pabst


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