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Giving Back

One way that Hearts and Harleys honors the memories of Gavin and Michelle is to support the local community. We make regular donations to Avanzar (formerly The Women's Center in Linwood, NJ), sponsor an Egg Harbor City t-ball team, and are the official sponsors of the National Children's Memorial Day Candlelight Service (South Jersey Chapter).

Starting in 2017, Hearts & Harleys has  continually sponsored an EHC Crusaders T-ball team.

Egg Harbor Crusaders.jpg

Hearts and Harleys has had the honor of supporting The Women's Center in Linwood

since 2016. Every year we donate the proceeds of our annual Poker Run, as well as Holiday gifts.

Avanzar 2019.jpg
2019 Poker Run 10.jpg

The Annual Poker Run enables a yearly donation to Avanzar and their efforts to support victims of domestic violence! Thanks to all who make this event a beautiful tribute to Gavin and Michelle.

National Children's Memorial Day Candle Light Service

Hearts and Harleys is the official sponsor of the South Jersey Chapter of the National Children's Memorial Day Candlelight Service.

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